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Tuesday Nights » Rating » Arcadia Ales Anglers Ale

Arcadia Ales Anglers Ale


1. One who fishes with a hook and line
2. One who schemes

While we’re not sure what this beer has to do with con artists or fishermen, we are certain that we would suggest to Arcadia to switch up their ‘flaghip beer’. 

Copper color betrays its light flavor

Before it starts to sound like we may be too down on this brew, let us start by saying that it’s in no way a bad beer.  We just feel that it has certain shortcomings.  It starts with a bare hint of a hop aroma, ever so slightly citrus-y, a light smell that tells us right off the bat this won’t be an overwhelming beer. 

At first taste we thought it almost more represented a lighter wheat beer than a pale ale, the hop taste is so slight.  There was an almost elusive sort of fruit flavor, like a drip of orange was added to the batch.  Overall we thought it was a little on the weak side, like it was just missing something.  Kind of like foreplay without the sex.

A beer that’s not very fulfilling, it is none the less refreshing with a clean (if weak) flavor, that could easily be enjoyed in many settings.  For any with an interest in exploring IPAs, this is a beer that’s light enough in hop that it could be a good start.

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